Monday, September 24, 2012

New Novel Adopted From Rush's Steampunk Album

Yes, you did read that right. It said Rush is putting out a Steampunk album. And yes, its being adopted into a novel by non other than Keven J. Anderson. Your probably familiar with Mr. Anderson's work through his writing of X-files, Star Wars, Batman, Superman, Star Trek and Dune. In other words the guy might know what he is doing. 

Seems the prolific Mr. Anderson has know Rush drummer Neil Pert for over 20 years. Mr. Anderson's first novel Resurrection Inc. was inspired on Rush's album Grace Under Pressure.
Pert came to Anderson as he was developing the story for Clockwork Angels. As Pert was writing the lyrics for the songs, Anderson was working on the characters and details for the plot of the novel. 

You can check out the new album and the novel at Amazon. I've been kind enough to provide helpful links. Hey, its just theway I roll.

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